The 10 occupations that have seen a dramatic growth in employees

Monday 08 September 2014 10:10
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There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people working in particular fields over the past three years.

According to a new report by The Jobs Economist , these 10 occupations have seen far more than the average increase in total UK employment of around 5 per cent in this period.

1. Taxation experts (up 88%)

2. Advertising managers and creative directors (up 75%)

3. Window cleaners (up 73%)

4. Planning process and production technicians (up 72%)

5. Paramedics (up 62%)

6. Psychologists (up 59%)

7. Debt collectors and credit agents (up 59%)

8. Process and production engineers (up 58%)

9. Town planners(up 55%)

10. Bakers (up 54%)

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