The 10 questions you should ask your partner before getting married

Getting married is a big step, so how can you tell if you’ve ended up with the right person?

According to a number of relationship experts, you can figure this out by asking them a list of 10 questions.

They explained that men and women's attitudes to marriage can be very different, so this can tell you if you're a good match or if they're secretly a terrible person.

Olga Levancuka, author of How To Be Selfish, Marisa Peer, author of Ultimate Confidence: The Secrets to Feeling Great About Yourself Every Day, and Annabelle Knight, shared their list with the Daily Mail. If your other half can’t answer all of the below questions, or they say something incredibly weird, they might not be The One for you.

1. What do you like most about living together?

This is about seeing what your partner thinks being together really means. Do they actually like spending time with you, or do they just like having someone else to share the bills with?

2. What makes you happiest in a relationship with me?

Obviously, this will show you just how important you are to them.

3. What are you saving for?

This can potentially show you where their priorities lie, and whether they're thinking about a load of unnecessary Amazon purchases or an actual future together.

4. What about our religious differences/similarities?

Just because you follow the same religion doesn’t necessarily mean you both have all the same beliefs. If you expect one another to change, it’s probably not a good match.

5. Where would he rather spend Christmas?

If you don't feature in their ideal Christmas scenario that's not a good sign. This one’s also about seeing if they're willing to compromise.

6. What role will children play in your life?

This really is a deal breaker, and it’s important to make sure that you’re both 100 per cent in agreement on the answer.

7. What about your sexual desires?

Another potential deal breaker - this will tell you if you're both on the same page or if you're better off with other people.

8. What do you do when you are angry?

So you can find out if their ‘outlet’ is exercising, counting to ten, or something potentially illegal...

9. How is your relationship with your mother/father and sister/brother?

This will show you how he views his relationships with the opposite sex outside of a romantic context. It could reveal what they're like when the honeymoon phase is over and they're not just trying to impress you.

10. Are we going to keep our independence?

Some couples like spending every waking moment together and some like spending a lot more time doing separate things, so you should be in agreement on this. Within reason – if they say you can’t go on holiday with your friends or have a night out, they're not the one.

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