Picture: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube/screengrab
Picture: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube/screengrab

Instagram body trends tend to perpetuate an unrealistic and dangerous body standard: there was the thigh gap, the A4 waist challenge and the iPhone trend, to name a few.

This time however, the subject is body positivity.

It’s called #MermaidThighs.

Yes, women all over the world are clambering to make like Ariel, sharing images of their touching thighs

The trend was supposedly started by a meme that said: 'If your thighs touch, you're one step closer to a real mermaid, so who's the winner?'

People on Instagram are calling it the best response to the thigh gap , which, at times had women looking like contortionists in their attempts to recreate the gap between their thighs...

And well...

Women on Instagram are killing it...


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