The constituencies where Ukip pose a serious threat to Labour

A detailed analysis of Ukip's performance in recent ballots has shown that a number of Labour seats could be at serious risk from the rise in support for Nigel Farage's party.

Dr Matthew Goodwin, a leading expert in Ukip's rise, has identified 13 constituencies in traditionally working-class areas where Labour are particularly vulnerable to the Ukip insurgency.

At risk: Gloria de Piero is the MP for Ashfield, a former mining community in Nottinghamshire

Among those constituencies most at risk are Ashfield in Nottingham, where rising star of the Shadow Cabinet Gloria de Piero sits and Great Grimsby where MP Austin Mitchell is stepping down after 37 years in parliament.

Polls suggest a hung parliament is likely after next year’s election as the Tories and Labour both struggle for outright victory, meaning that even the loss of a few seats to Ukip could be a major setback for Ed Miliband's party.

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