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If you think that the method of Brexit should come under parliamentary scrutiny, you should be locked in the Tower of London.

This is according to a comment piece in the Daily Express.

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The piece, published in Wendesday's paper, called discussion around a soft Brexit and hard Brexit a "conjuring trick":

We voted for Brexit, without the misleading adjectives: an end to uncontrolled movement of immigrants, British laws and British courts being supreme, the freedom to trade and prosper with the whole world.

That is neither hard nor soft – it is simply Brexit and it is what Britain wants. If the desperate and doomed leaders of Germany and France (and that bibulous idiot Juncker) think they can scare us with threats that we’ll pay a price for wanting to leave their busted club then they are wrong.

The referendum question was, again:

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

In addition, a leaked Cabinet paper suggested that Brexit would cost the UK £66 billion. So both of those points are flawed.

Regardless, that's not the main issue people have with the article. It's the idea that a view held by a large proportion of MPs needs to be punished.

You can sum up in one sentence the disgusting opinions of the rabble of MPs who are demanding a Commons vote on Brexit: 'The people have spoken, we don’t like what they said because they aren’t as clever as us so let’s ignore them and try to reverse the referendum result.'

Such snake-like treachery cannot go unpunished. Here’s what I would do with them: clap them in the Tower of London. They want to imprison us against our will in the EU so we should give them 28 days against their will to reflect on the true meaning of democracy.

Obviously, the freedom of expression granted in writing a column means that we should forgive a little allegory or artistic license.

However, this piece thoroughly advocates the punishment of opposing views.

This seems like a suppression of the freedoms the writer himself so enjoys in his outpourings...

It doesn't so much read as a critique of MPs' demands for parliamentary process, more an order to sit down and shut up, or face force.

Twitter noticed the fascist overtones:

In short, because 52 per cent voted to leave the European Union, the remaining 48 per cent should be locked up for the way they voted, because how dare they!


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