The five people who could be Labour leader in Scotland

Johann Lamont has stood down as leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, plunging the party into turmoil by accusing Ed Miliband of treating Scotland like a "branch office".

These are the people in the running to become the party's leader in Scotland:

Anas Sarwar, 31, is interim leader of the Scottish Labour party. He became MP for Glasgow Central in 2010. Asked if would put himself forward as a leadership candidate, he said: "I want to keep that option. I want to think it through, but I think it's right that I do what's my responsibility, which is to keep the Labour family together".

Jim Murphy, 47, is MP for East Renfrewshire and shadow of Secretary of State for International Development. He is touted as a favourite to take over the SLP leadership.

Kezia Dugdale, 33, is a regional MSP for Lothian. Last year she was appointed shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning. Labour's Lord Foulkes said she "has been mentioned" as a possible contender.

Jenny Marra, 36, represents the North East Scotland electoral region. She is shadow Minister for Youth Employment and shadow Deputy Finance Minister. She has not commented on speculation.

Neil Findlay, 45, represents the Lothian region. He was appointed to the Scottish Labour front bench team as shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing last May.

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