The heartbreaking message from the people of eastern Aleppo

The city of Aleppo has been repeatedly shelled by Syrian government forces in the past few days, reportedly killing dozens of people and damaging several hospitals.

The rebel-held eastern side of the city has effectively been under siege for the past few weeks after a successful pro-government forces campaign. Taking back the city, once a rebel stronghold, would be a significant victory for president Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrian army has promised an amnesty for rebel fighters who lay down their weapons, and humanitarian corridors for those who wish to leave the city, Syrian state media reported, but many are afraid to do so.

All supply routes to those remaining in East Aleppo have been cut off by Russian backed forces.

Aleppo and its surrounding province has been the centre of some of the heaviest fighting of the Syrian civil war.

In a recent protest calling on the regime to rebuild the historic central souq, one sign in particular was notably sad. The carriers have given up hope that anyone on the planet will hear their cries for help.

"To the people of Mars, Aleppo is besieged", the futile banner read:

Collapsed UN peace talks are due to restart in August.

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