Picture: John Moore/Getty
Picture: John Moore/Getty

An online activist has compiled all of more than 100 of the scariest headlines about Donald Trump that can be found on the internet.

Headlines are obviously a simplified and eye catching of a news story which will be much more complex upon further reading. Nevertheless, the compilation of Trump related lines, laid out, one after the other, is either evidence of a biased media, or of a man making glib remarks that are unprecedented for any previous presidential candidate.

A Tumblr user with a page called 'Quantum-displacement' has compiled the extensive list, each of which are summary headlines with links to the relevant news items. The Tumblr post was condensed for Reddit by user marisam7, who claims to also be the author of the Tumblr post. The list on Reddit has been upvoted more than 6,000 times since it was submitted in late July.

The popularity of the Reddit post is set against the prevailing support that Trump receives from other Reddit users, in particular on Reddit's 'The_Donald' thread.

Here are some of the most chilling excerpts from the list and links to the news items referenced:

War crimes

30 June 2016

Trump makes vague and frightening comments about torture. 'We’re going to have to do things that are unthinkable.'

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29 Jun 2016

Trump renews calls for torture citing public executions and mass rape committed by ISIS promising for the US to do the same, 'fighting fire with fire.'

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30 Mar 2016

Trump says Geneva Convention is a problem and needs to be changed since, US soldiers are to afraid to do their job due to laws which outline the definition of war crimes.

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11 Mar 2016

Trump on torture: 'Even if it doesn’t work they probably deserved it anyway.'

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4 Mar 2016

Trump openly calls for the US to commit war crimes and advocates for the murder of innocent women and children.

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Alleged racism

1 July 2016

Trump considers plan to replace all Muslim TSA agents.

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8 June 2016

Trump makes racist comments about Judge in the class action lawsuit involving Trump university.

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6 Jun 2016

After being called out for racism, Trump retweets an image of a black family claiming that the family supports him. (The image is taken from from the first result on google images when you search 'black family')

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1 Sep 2015

Trump 'keeps books of Hitler speeches by his bed.'

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1 Apr 2016

Trump compares the US trade deficit with China to a woman being raped.

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15 Mar 2016

Trump refuses to hire mothers because, 'She’s not giving me 100%. She’s giving me 84% and 16% is going towards taking care of children.'

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24 Aug 2015

Trump claims all women are bimbos and gold diggers.

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3 Aug 2016

Trump to his foreign policy advisor: 'If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?'

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31 Mar 2016

Trump says he, 'won’t rule out' using nuclear weapons in Europe.

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6 Apr 2016

Trump calls for a global nuclear rearmament.

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These are just a few selections from the Reddit users' catalogue of presidential non-conformities. For the full list click here.

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