The map of Europe by how right- or left-wing the government is

The map of Europe by how right- or left-wing the government is

The Conservative party has been in power in Britain for one year, four months and 23 days, if you include today.

It has been 2,338 days since Labour exited government, and following the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, critics think it will be a long time in returning.

Stephen Wolf, the elections writer for the Daily Kos Elections, recently produced a graphic of European countries by the political leanings of the parties in government, which we've replicated below.

Picture:Picture: Louis Doré/Carto

Truly, the continent is a mix of left and right, with geography bearing very little on the leanings of the ruling party - perhaps a slight leaning left further South and a slight tendency to the right further North.

What's also noticeable is the continental tendency for coalition. While the UK's government of 2010-2015 was a historic rarity in this regard, coalitions are in abundance with our neighbours (shown in the lighter shades of pink and blue).

Advocates of proportional representation might cite these as examples that majority governments don't neccessarily lead to successful or strong countries.

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