A map of the most emotional countries in the world

A map of the most emotional countries in the world

Countries in South and North America appear to be among the most emotional in the world, according to an annual survey of daily experiences.

Gallup have long surveyed a range of countries for the breadth of emotions they report on a daily basis.

The survey consists of a series of questions such as:

Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?


Did you experience (worry/sadness/stress) during a lot of the day yesterday?

One of the indeces created as a result of the survey is one that measures the amount of people in each country who responded 'yes' to all the questions - exhibiting a wide range of emotions.

The amount of people for which this was true was highest in Bolivia and El Salvador (59 per cent), and lowest in Bangladesh (37 per cent).

Picture: Carto/Louis Doré

The most emotional countries were as follows...

...whereas the least were as follows:

Fifty-one per cent of people in the United Kingdom responded yes to all answers.

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