The Muslim country that dislikes Iran almost as much as Israel

Marking the resumption of talks over Iran's nuclear programme, the Pew Research Centre conducted a major survey into how the world views the Islamic Republic.

More than 45,000 people were polled across 40 countries, with the end result being that a global median of 58 per cent say they have an unfavourable view of Iran, versus a positive view of 23 per cent.

A higher proportion of Israelis than any other nationality had a negative view of Iran (92 per cent), but just behind was Jordan (89 per cent), Spain and Italy (both 87 per cent).

In comparison in the US and UK the percentage of people saying they had an unfavourable view of Iran was 76 and 62 respectively.

At the other end of the spectrum, Pakistan was the only country polled where a majority of people (57 per cent) had a favourable view of Iran; one of only four countries (the others being Vietnam, Ghana and Ethiopia) to have, on balance, an overall positive view of Iran.

Source: Pew

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