The new KitKat advert is the perfect antidote to Christmas hype

When Christmas merchandise hits the shops in October, it's easy to feel jaded about the commercialisation of festive spirit.

KitKat, forever keen to remind us to have a break now and then, have just released an ad that's a breath of fresh air precisely because it features absolutely nothing.

The rather meta 30-second video is nothing but a grey screen - not even the famous logo - and a rather plummy, satisfied sounding voice over.

The narrator says:

Ah... welcome to nothing.

Nobody suggesting gifts to buy or watching pretend families gathered around the Christmas table.

No re-recorded sentimental songs or dancing round supermarkets in silly Santa hats.

None of that. Just absolutely nothing. Not a jingly bell or snowflake or celebrity selling frozen turkeys in sight.

Nice for a change, isn't it?

Watch - or rather listen - to the daring ad below:

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