Why KitKats are called KitKats

Why KitKats are called KitKats

This year is KitKat's 80th birthday - but have you ever wondered how the break time chocolate got its name?

The KitKat was originally made by Rowntrees in York, and it turns out it was named after a man who made pies in the 17th century in London.

Christopher Catling cooked meat pies, named 'kit-cats' after him, which became the favourite meal of a group of influential people who gathered in London eateries.

This gathering became known as the Kit-Cat Club, which had strong ties to political and literary spheres in London.

Nestle found the association to the chocolate bar through early branded boxes which feature both Christopher Catling, his shop and the club.

When Rowntree’s decided to make the individual bars, they transferred the KitKat name, without the associated imagery.

Now we know. And knowing is half the battle.

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