The one mistake you should never make with shampoo

Roughly half the population will suffer from dandruff at some point in their lives, according to the NHS.

While it's a very common condition - it can still cause embarrassment.

But now Francesca Fusco, a medical and cosmetic dermatologist from New York, has explained where many a dandruff-sufferer has been going wrong.

If you use a special anti-dandruff shampoo you must not follow that up with a regular old conditioner. You might think that it would enrich the hair and make it look extra healthy - and surely the shampoo has done its job - but you'd be wrong.

Unilever has done studies on this, and they found that when people use dandruff shampoo, specifically ones with zinc pyrithione, and they use a beauty conditioner afterwards they can rinse away up to 50 per cent of the flake-fighting effects of the medicated shampoo.

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