The only thing better than Norway's new banknotes

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 09 October 2014 12:40

The central bank of Norway asked the public to send in designs for the motifs of its new banknotes with a theme based on "The Sea".

After whittling down the entries, a panel of judges decided that the series called "Norwegian Living Space" (above), designed by Terje Tonnessen was the winner, with the pixelated motif by Snohetta Design (below) making up the back side.

The new notes will be dispensed to the public in 2017, but as Quartz note, the only thing better than the new designs were all those that sadly missed the cut:

By Enzo Finger
Umonumentale Historier
Umonumentale Historier
Utvident Horisont

Some of the designs by Aslak Gurholt Ronsen also adapted pictures drawn by children:

You can see all of the designs here (opens in PDF)

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