As Jeremy Corbyn attends his first party conference as Labour leader, he has spoken intrepidly of his shot at becoming prime minister.

Although, his predecessor Ed Miliband thinks it necessary to steer clear of the event in Brighton in case he steals Corybn's thunder. Yes really.

The former leader of the opposition is allegedly keeping his distance as he doesn't want to distract from Corbyn's big moment, while fellow former leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are otherwise engaged in the US.

However, it seems Corybn is unphased by Miliband's fears as he defended himself against critics such as Peter Mandleson - who deemed him unelectable - in an interview with the Observer.

When asked by the paper whether he would consider stepping down before the 2020 general election, Corbyn was clear he had no intention of resigning.

Am I going to resign? No. Of course not. I will carry on.

Speaking of 2020 and whether he could see himself as PM he said:

That is five years down the line, but yes I could, and I think about the issues, the opportunities and the responsibilities that go with that of course.

The Labour party conference kicked off in style this weekend as Corbyn was presented with a giant marrow.


H/T: Guardian

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