This is what Jeremy Corbyn did instead of going to the Rugby World Cup

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was criticised again this week.

Not only is he still being bashed for refusing to sing the national anthem, he's now getting flack for not showing up at a sporting event.

London Mayor and Tory MP Boris Johnson branded Corbyn a "national joke" at the match on Friday night, according to Sun Nation.

This is turning into a national joke.

It looks like he's snubbing the rugby in case he has to sing the anthem.

Come on Jezza: Scrum down for England.

While many consider the Rugby World Cup to be a pretty major event in the sporting calendar, Corbyn had other things to attend to.

Namely work.

Here's what "Jezza" was up to...

And for further clarification...

(Please read the full post) From Daisy Barber: ''Jeremy Corbyn was criticised yesterday for 'snubbing' the opening...

Posted by Save Shaker on Saturday, 19 September 2015
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