The scariest thing you'll read this Halloween

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Halloween is traditionally a scary time of year. With Donald Trump in a race for the presidency, you can notch that up a little.

A new national poll for the Washington Post and ABC, taken before Friday's announcement that the FBI were reviewing emails related to Hillary Clinton's private server, has found that Donald Trump is currently running close to the Democrat, polling at 45 per cent to Clinton's 47 per cent.

This is within the permitted three point margin of error.

The polling was done between October 24 and 27, before the announcement that the FBI was reviewing emails related to its investigation into Anthony Weiner's sexting to a purportedly underage girl.

His estranged wife, Huma Abedin,worked with Clinton at the State Department, and the emails in question were Abedin's.

Clinton has called the timing of the announcement:

deeply troubling.

Meanwhile Donald Trump's team called the email controversy the:

biggest political scandal since Watergate.

Updating their model for a range of the day's polling, FiveThirtyEight's nowcast model currently holds that Clinton had a 78.5 per cent chance of winning.

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Given that Nate Silver's team are the ones responsible for predicting the result for every state in 2012, let's hope they're correct.

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