The Tories now say that Ed Miliband hates marriage

The Tories now say that Ed Miliband hates marriage

Earlier this month we reported how the election campaign attacks upon Ed Miliband were getting weirder and weirder and how, if anything, they were having a detrimental effect upon the Tories in the polls.

With 11 days until the election, however, the attacks show no sign of drying up.

In a new interview, Iain Duncan Smith, he of renaming zero-hour contracts to "flexible hours contracts" fame, has accused the Labour leader and his party of hating marriage.


The work and pensions secretary told the Sunday Telegraph:

They hate marriage. It is quite peculiar. Just look at Miliband and co - they just don't believe in it as an institution.

When asked to clarify his remarks about Miliband, IDS replied:

Well, you know, that he got married quite late in the day.

Miliband married Justine Thornton, then his partner of nine years and the mother of their two sons, in 2011.

Just look at him, he clearly hates marriage.

Well played, Iain, well played.

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