Ed Miliband v Boris Johnson was the best TV moment of the election so far

Shock horror on the sofa of The Andrew Marr Show this morning, when two politicians from opposing parties actually engaged in a lively discussion.

Moreover, those two politicians were mayor of London Boris Johnson and Labour leader Ed Miliband, who could very well be facing off across the despatch box at prime minister's questions after the general election.

In just over two minutes, producers on the BBC1 show came up with the best TV of the election campaign so far, but infuriatingly Miliband and Johnson were told to literally "shut up" by presenter Marr so he could introduce a musical epilogue from country band the Shires.

You can watch the clip below, in which Boris claims he and Miliband went to the same primary school, and the Labour leader urges the mayor to ditch Tory strategist Lynton Crosby in the event of him becoming leader.

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