The British stereotype map of Europe (according to Google)

The British stereotype map of Europe (according to Google)

Easily offended? Look away now.

Google's autocomplete, as we have previously-noted, can provide a terrifying insight into underlying assumptions or perceptions about a place.

If you type in "Why is [country] so.." into the search engine, you're met with common queries which can reveal some conflicting - and hilarious - tropes.

Take the UK, for example:

Brexit here we come, it seems.

Having done UK counties, we decided to map out stereotypes about Europe according to's autocomplete.

We used the queries "Why is [country] so" and "Why does [country]", and chose the funniest, most controversial or unique results.

Oh dear.

It seems that plenty of British people have questions about Luxembourg.

Our favourite must be Slovenia though - a result which harked back to Eurovision 2015 when their entry act wore headphones, in order to evoke the same emotions she felt in the studio while recording.

It'd be funnier if it was just the whole country all the time, to be honest.

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