Did the Seychelles really hide the word 'sex' in this 50 rupee note?

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Monday 17 August 2015 10:00

A rare bank note that was originally worth just 50 rupees is up for auction in October and is expected to to fetch £200.

The Seychelles note was issued between 1968 - 1973, when the Pacific Ocean nation was fighting for independence from the British crown. Over the years it's appreciated in value among collectors because the word "sex" can be read on the right hand side:

According to RealBankNotes.com, the naughty message spelled out by the palm tree fronds behind the queen's head is thought to be a deliberately subversive message put there by a rogue engraver at Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co, who printed the notes in London.

This theory is backed up by the fact that the 10 rupee note in the series appears to have the word 'scum' hidden in seaweed:

The hidden words could, of course, be complete co-incidences. But we'll leave that to the internet hivemind to debate.

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