People are having a 'wear what you want' beach party protest outside the French embassy

People are having a 'wear what you want' beach party protest outside the French embassy

Disgusted by the photographs that showed armed French policemen ordering a woman in Nice to take off clothing following a burkini ban, a group of British women have organised a beach party protest outside the French Embassy in London.

A woman being told to remove her burkini by police in France

The "Wear what you want Beach Party", which will take place on Thursday afternoon, has been planned to "show solidarity with Muslim women".

One of the organisers, Fariah, (who did not want her surname to be published), told indy100:

The ban on burkinis, to us, contradicts all those values that France claims to uphold – liberty, equality, and fraternity.

If a woman is free to expose her body, why isn’t she free to cover it up?

At time of writing nearly 3,000 people had been invited to the protest on Facebook. On the event page, the women asked attendees to show solidarity and call for the repeal of the burkini ban.

Women have the right to WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT

So come along to the French Embassy and wear what you want - BURKINIS, BIKINIS, ANYTHING GOES. Bring beach gear: beach umbrellas, towels, bat and ball, boules...

The group have also asked those who can't make it or want to show support to use the hashtag #wearwhatyouwant on social media.

"This ban perpetuates a stereotype of Muslim women," Fariah told indy100.

By removing their freedom of choice, French politicians have effectively become that which they claim to be fighting against – oppressors.

Fariah and the other organisers have been criticised for declaring the event a "space for self-identifying women only". Some have said, in the comments on the event page, that the Burka ban is a racism issue that affects both genders, so should be open to all.

"We want to create a safe space for women to show solidarity with those affected," said Fariah. "There are other solidarity actions that are for men and women... so this one is just for women."

Watch our live Facebook video from the protest:

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