There's something very suspect about this 'BBC' website in China

A 'BBC' website in China appeared to have been mimicking the old corporation.

If you had visited you would have been greeted with this image:

Picture: Screengrab

For comparison, this is what the BBC's Chinese language website currently looks like:

The top website actually belongs to the Business Broadcast of China - and has nothing to do with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

If you visit the website presently, the logo and layout has been substantially changed, following news stories reporting the similarities:

The manager of the website told the LA Times:

We think it’s not proper to have the same colour as the BBC, so we’re changing it to grey.

The Business Broadcast of China's had featured articles about the Panama Papers - a subject which Beijing leadership has banned in the country's media - without mentioning Chinese leaders who had been implicated in the tax scandal.

The front page of the Business Broadcast of China now features a statement criticising coverage of similarities, insisting that the company made it clear it bears no relationship to the BBC or the United Kingdom.

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