Let's all be honest, it just keeps going from bad to worse for Theresa May, and it's possible that by the time the day is up, her time in power will be up, too.

So, what's the best way to see someone out? You know, sum up their achievements (or complete-and-utter-mess-ups)?

There can't be any debate - it's a Big Brother-style eviction video, that's what.

And, dear readers, someone has done just that.

Behold the beauty that is 'Theresa May's Best Bits'.

Taking to Twitter, Jake Johnstone, who describes himself as a graphic designer and politico from Leeds, wrote:

Put together Theresa May's Best Bits in the style of her getting evicted from Big Brother.

It really is a work of art, and it covers some of her pivotal moments in office, from boasting about frolicking in 'fields of wheat', to that breathtaking dancing while visiting a South African secondary school.

People on social media were equally enamoured with the 'best bits' vid:

However there was one blinding omission:

And, it looks like it might need to be updated sooner rather than later...

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