British politics has seen better days, hasn’t it?

Where once Brexit meant Brexit and no deal was better than a bad deal, now it’s hard to tell what’s going on. As prime minister Theresa May battles to save her Brexit deal, she’s made the unexpected move of “demanding” a live TV debate with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to defend her plans.

Naturally, given May’s nickname of “robo-May”, the move has raised some eyebrows, particularly seeing as Corbyn has generally faired well in television debates.

Twitter users have also pointed out the irony that May failed to attend live TV debates during the 2017 election campaign. Now though, she appears to have mysteriously changed her tune.

Responding to the alleged invitation, Corbyn has accepted the challenge.

Others have pointed out the irony of the pair's confusing Brexit positions.

Though some feel that, despite tough talk on both sides, a debate is unlikely as neither leader considers Brexit their strong point.

So will they or won't they? Only time will tell.

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