The country is still divided over Brexit but there is one thing we can agree on – almost everyone hates Theresa May’s deal.

The prime minister has fought off backbench rebellions, cabinet resignations and attacks from all parties in the past few weeks.

But there's one group that is satisfied with the UK government’s “worst deal in history” – the European Union.

EU leaders agreed to endorse May’s deal after a quick meeting in Brussels this morning, even if they weren't happy about it.

Here’s how Europe's leaders reacted.

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker said he wouldn’t be celebrating the result.

It doesn't sound like there's going to be a party at Angela Merkel's house either.

Maybe Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was happy with the deal?

Emmanuel Macron was less negative but didn't sound delighted with the result.

You might be able to see a pattern here…

At least someone managed to find a positive in all of this.

Meanwhile, it was just another day back home in our completely normal country…

When Tony Blair's saying what everyone's thinking, you know things have got a little bit out of hand.

But don’t worry, Jeremy Hunt tried his best to sound optimistic about the deal - he says we won’t be “significantly worse off or better off” after Brexit.

I don’t remember seeing that on the side of the bus…

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