The most awkward moments from Theresa May's disastrous speech

The most awkward moments from Theresa May's disastrous speech

Prime Minister Theresa May today spoke at the Conservative Party's annual conference in Manchester and... Well, it was a bit of a disaster.

It started off strongly enough, but then it all started to collapse, like a flan in a cupboard.

The first major issue was the appearance of the practical joker Simon Brodkin, who not only made it to the front of the room, but managed to hand a piece of paper to the leader of the country.

The paper was a P45, a document typically given to people leaving employment.

Picture:Picture: BBC / Screengrab

For some reason he blamed it on the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Twitter.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, security removed Mr Brodkin - how he got that close during the speech is worrying to say the least.

Then came the coughing.

Mrs May started to struggle reading her speech thanks to a particularly tickly cough.

Picture: REUTERS

She drank some water, but alas that didn't go too well either.

Picture: Reuters

The coughing even made it to the BBC News subtitles:

Fortunately, Chancellor the Exchequer Philip Hammond had a cough drop of some description, and unlike the DUP, provided his support to the Prime Minister for free.

Theresa May hold's the Chancellor's cough sweet, which didn't do her much goodPicture: Joe Giddens/PA

Picture: Reuters/Hannah McKay

Mrs May also tried to crack a joke using the viral 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' chant. It didn't really land.

And finally - as if things weren't bad enough, the sign behind Mrs. May broke towards the tail end of her speech.

The Conservative party's new slogan reading:

Building a country that works or everyone.

What a nightmare.

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