This man tried to start a standing ovation for Theresa May. It ended badly.

Channel Four/Sky

Last night, Channel 4 and Sky News hosted the Battle for Number 10 media event (we can't really call it a debate, can we?), which saw Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May posed questions by a studio audience and by Jeremy Paxman.

Despite what was acknowledged to be a middling, haranguing performance by Jeremy Paxman...

Theresa May managed to fluff her lines a few times.

Her performance with the studio audience was also pretty lacklustre to say the least.

Despite the utter shambles from the sitting Prime Minister, one audience member saw fit to give her a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

People noticed:

But, strangely you can kind of sympathise with the gawky misjudgment.

We've all been there, thinking we'd lead the charge, only to see that no one has gone with us.

So, in short, the remedy is to never lead the charge.

Sit there, strong and stable, never taking the lead and just going along with the wishes of the crowd.

After all...

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