Everyone is sharing this photo of Jeremy Corbyn. Don't pretend you don't know why

Sky News/Screengrab

During a question and answer session, people have pointed out it looks like Jeremy Corbyn was flipping off a member of the public.

After answering questions on the IRA and the use of armed police on the street Corbyn was asked a question by John.

John said he liked Corbyn's policies but wasn't sure about the man himself.

Corbyn's answer tried to persuade John to vote for him, and in doing so Corbyn pointed to his mouth and ears, saying he intended to use 'both' and be a listening leader.

The gesture was a tad unfortunate.

Picture: Sky News/Screengrab

It really looked like he was giving John the finger.

For some they were simply shocked.

For others this was a total vote winner.

He probably should have saved it for Paxman.

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