The people are not happy with Theresa May, latest poll finds

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Following a general election in which she failed to achieve a majority, Theresa May has encountered considerable difficulty in persuading her backbenchers to stay on.

After her two most senior advisers resigned, she has clung to leadership of the party at present.

She has also held on to power in parliament thanks to a deal with the DUP that Sinn Fein have concerns over, and some say threatens the Good Friday agreement.

However, as the latest YouGov poll has shown, her public perception has plummeted while Jeremy Corbyn has ended his negative numbers - on 0 net favourability:

And people have noticed:

The fieldwork for this Survey was carried out on Sunday and Monday.

However, after a devastating fire at Grenfell tower on Wednesday, which claimed at least 12 lives, many are criticising the governments housing policy regarding safety.

Prime Minister Theresa May's new chief of staff, former Housing Minister Gavin Barwell, was given the Number 10 job after losing his seat in the election last week.

Eight months ago, while Housing minister, he refused to give a date for when the reviews of fire regulations in tower blocks would take place.

The 2013 review was called for after an inquest into a tower block fire in Camberwell in 2009, which killed six people and injured 20.

The inquest found that regulations were not sufficient.

Theresa May has ordered a full public inquiry into the fire.

She has also faced a backlash for not meeting any survivors of the tragedy, while Jeremy Corbyn met with residents, local volunteers and community members during a visit to one of the temporary refuge centres.

It's probably fair to say you should expect her ratings to continue to slide.

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