Guiseppe Conte/Twitter

With almost a month till the Brexit deadline, it seems like Theresa May, who has spent the last few years trying to avoid being snookered by European leaders, has taken negotiations to the pool table instead.

In a video posted to social media, May is seen accepting an invitation to play pool by the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, during her visit to Egypt.

The British prime minister, who was attending the EU-Arab League summit on Sunday, appeared surprised at the proposal, telling Conte:

I’ll have a lot of support but I’ll be hopeless. You’ll have to show me how.

As her chief of staff Gavin Barwell shows the leader how to position her hand on the table while striking the cue ball, the footage appears to end before you can see whether or not she makes it.

But while May seems to be having a good laugh over the game of pool, many people back home are not feeling the same way.

Cue the jokes (haha, get it?)

Let's hope the prime minister is better at politics than she is at pool, shall we?

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