Theresa May says she 'scrapes mould off the top of jam and eats what's underneath'

Greg Evans
Wednesday 13 February 2019 11:15
Picture:(House of Commons/PA/iStock/Getty Images/Twitter)

Theresa May is in a bit of a jam at the moment, what with Brexit and all that, but when it comes to the fruit-based preserve of the same name she knows exactly where she stands.

In advice that you would expect to read in a book of old wives tales, the prime minister reportedly told her colleagues in 10 Downing Street on Tuesday that she does not throw away gone-off jam and simply scrapes the mould off instead.

This bizarre tidbit was reportedly by the Daily Mail and came during a cabinet meeting on how to reduce food waste (note to self: avoid making any jokes about stock-piling mouldy after Brexit).

According to a Whitehall source, May said that once the mould has been removed from the jam it is perfectly edible again and shouldn't be thrown away just because it's past the best before date.

Although her advice is said to fit with that given out by chefs and health experts it has still puzzled people online who mostly grossed out that a leader of a country would do such a thing.

It really is the aptest metaphor for Brexit.

She does have some supporters who agreed that is was completely fine.

What will jam connoisseur Jeremy Corbyn have to say about this?

At least this is making up for that reckless damage that she did to those fields of wheat in her youth.

It also works as a catchy reworking of a sadly underappreciated Willow Smith song.

And for those wondering just how long you have before being faced with the decision to 'scrape off the mould', here's a handy guide.


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