Theresa May's latest campaign visit couldn't be more apt

Bridie Pearson-Jones
Monday 05 June 2017 14:45
Picture:( Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Someone actually thought it was a good idea to send the Prime Minister to a home removals company, three days before the country goes to the polls.

As campaigning resumed today, Theresa May travelled to Edinburgh to resume her tour of the country.

She delivered a speech at Clockwork Removals alongside Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

It's a home removals company.

According to tweets by Jamie Ross, a Scotland reporter for Buzzfeed News, ​May said that now was not the time a second Scottish independence referendum, defended her record on security and said that a Labour minority government would lead to Nicola Sturgeon pulling the strings.

The latest polls all point to a Theresa May victory.

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