These are the 10 most dangerous electricity-related mistakes people make in the home

More than 80 million accidents happen in British homes each year causing injury or property damage due to unnecessarily risky behaviour, according to new research.

To accompany the research, the Electrical Safety First charity has released a list of the 10 most dangerous mistakes people make:

1. Drying clothes on an electrical heater

2. Repairing an appliance while it is still plugged in

3. Leaving a hair straightener on unattended

4. Taking batteries out of smoke alarms to silence them

5. Drilling through wires in the wall to hang pictures

6. Trailing cables under a rug or carpet to keep them out of the way

7. Trying to dry objects that aren’t food in the microwave

8. Overloading electrical sockets and adapters

9. Using damaged electrical sockets that have burn marks on them

10. Using unregistered tradesmen

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