Picture: jakubmarian.com
Picture: jakubmarian.com

Jakub Marian has created a map of the best European countries, ranked in order of well-being.

Marian, writing for his educational blog, has created a map that ranks European countries based on their 'well-being' score.

The scoring system was developed the Boston Consulting Group, and it uses 44 different indicators taking in economic, investment and sustainability opportunities to calculate the 'well-being' rating of a country over time.

Their 2016 report gives Norway the highest score of 100, while Macedonia has the lowest score in Europe, 42.9. There was no data for Kosovo, and Crimea has been left blank due to its disputed sovereignty.

Picture: jakubmarian.com

To put these European scores into a global context, Marian notes that the USA scored 83.7, Japan 81.3, Brazil 46.5, and India 32.6.

For more maps check out jakubmarian.com.

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