These are the countries with the most progressive views towards gender equality

The UK is ahead of most developed countries in terms of progressive attitudes, according to new research.

In a survey of 24 countries by YouGov, Sweden was shown to have the most progressive views, with an average net response of 72 per cent to the 14 given statements.

Algeria was shown to have the lowest incidence of progressive responses, with a net score of -11 per cent.

The UK came seventh of the countries surveyed for average responses, with performance generally above other developed countries in most areas.

However, when it came to the statement "In the world as a whole, women are an oppressed group" the UK fell below the global average who agreed with the statement, likewise for the statement "Creating more opportunity for women should be one of the world's top concerns".

Across the world, women were shown to consistently hold more progressive views than men.

To browse countries' responses to questions see the interactive chart, below:

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