These are the luckiest cities in the UK

These are the luckiest cities in the UK

Portsmouth is the luckiest city in the UK, a study by a gaming website has found.

The researchers gathered data from their website, using the locations of winners, and factored in populations in order to rank cities in terms of good fortune.

The top ten were as follows:

1) Portsmouth
2) Liverpool
3) Bangor
4) Manchester
5) Chichester
6) Dundee
7) Preston
8) Newcastle
9) Leeds
10) Inverness

The study of 8,529 winners by Maria Casino also factored in Twitter data with positive mentions of “luck” in order to find if those same cities also perceived themselves as fortuitous.

The top ten for perception were as follows:

1) Newcastle
2) Manchester
3) Liverpool
4) Glasgow
5) Cardiff
6) Cambridge
7) Edinburgh
8) Leeds
9) Sheffield
10) Durham

The study found a correlation between the indeces of actual luck and perceived luck.

Sadly for the unluckiest city, Ripon, this held particularly true - it came bottom of both rankings.

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