These are the most and least equal countries in the world

Louis Dor
Friday 02 September 2016 18:00

Japan has a lower per cent of wealth held by millionaires than any other country in the world - making it one of the most equal societies on Earth.

Thinktank New World Wealth, during research for itsW10 report, found that only 22 per cent of the country's wealth is held by its millionaires, the lowest of any in the world.

The global average was 35 per cent of wealth distributed among millionaires, which is the exact score in the UK.

The US clocked 32 per cent, while China had 38 per cent.

Russia recorded the highest inequality, with 62 per cent of the country's wealth being held by millionaires.

Interestingly 26 per cent of Russia's wealth was held by billionaires - more than the ratio for Japan's millionaires.

Japan's billionaires hold three per cent of the country's wealth.

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