These are the most stressful countries in the world to live in

The daily commute, work, queueing up in the supermarket: all these things may stress you out, but how difficult is your environment to live in compared to others around the world?

Based on seven variables - murder rates, purchasing power parity, income inequality, corruption, unemployment, air pollution and life expectancy - Bloomberg has been able to measure the most stressful countries to live in.

As this map shows, Nigeria is the most stressful (red) of the 74 nations surveyed, while Norway is the least (blue).

In 56th place (with 1 being most stressful), the UK ranks fairly low down the stress scale, with the US nearby in 54th. The nine least stressful nations are all found in Europe, with Canada in 10th, while the 10 most stressful are a mix of countries from Africa, Latin America and Asia - as well as Europe's Macedonia being found in 9th.

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