These are the world's most peaceful and violent countries

Iceland has been ranked as the most peaceful country in the world by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The Global Peace Index measures peace for 162 countries according to 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators, finding Iceland to come top of the world with a score of 1.148, as demonstrated by the below visualisation by Statista.

Six of the ten most peaceful countries are in Europe, while the most violent countries were Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iceland’s national cost of violence was estimated by the index to be £157m.

The United Kingdom placed 39th in the rankings, with a score of 1.685, averaging worst for militarisation (2.2) out of the three subcategories.

The UK’s score for nuclear and heavy weapons was five out of five, making it joint top for lack of peace with a number of other countries for this category.

The UK’s national cost of violence was estimated by the index to be £90.7bn.

To browse the full rankings, see the interactive report.

Among other reports that contributed to the index was the institute’s Terrorism Index Report, which ranked the UK 27th in the world for impact of terrorism.

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