These are the 9 worst mistakes ever made by interns

This week we learned that a 15 year old managed to discover a planet while on his work experience placement, which made everyone else take a long hard look at their career achievements thus far.

But don't despair: For every teenage physicist genius there are a million interns who manage to screw up.

Whether it’s getting the coffee order wrong, replying to the wrong email or even burning the building down, these tales of internship woe, culled from the depths of internet forums, will console you that thing could definitely be worse. And hey, at least you get paid now.

1. Confirming that a bunch of made up racist names are accurate to a news channel

An intern at the National Transportation Safety Board landed in hot water after the Asiana plane crash at San Francisco airport in 2013. Local news station KTVU ludicrously reported that the names of the pilots involved were “Sum Ting Wong”, “Wi Tu Lo”, “Ho Lee Fuk”, and “Bang Ding Ow.”

An intern confirmed the fake names when the channel called up NTSB to check. D’oh.

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