A group of blokes decided to recreate typically 'womanly' Instagram posts, and the results were hilarious

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 01 August 2016 18:00

Internet jokesters from the Facebook page Thunder Dungeon decided to recreate some of the types of Instagram photos that (mostly) women appear to take.

Come on, you know the ones we’re talking about.

The 'it-took-me-twenty-five-tries-to-get-this-right

Kendall Jenner's heart hair

More hair, but with flowers this time

Painted toenails

The Little Mer(man)

The one with the filter where you definitely woke up looking this good

The one with the fad-class-of-the-week

The one with the holiday squad goals

The look-what-my-hair-can-do water photo


And while this is all in good fun, we must pay homage to the men of Instagram too:


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