The dancer who took a selfie with Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen has been fined just one euro

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of France’s far-right anti-immigration party Front National (FN) has won his privacy lawsuit against dancer Brahim Zaibat, who took a selfie with the former politician while he was sleeping on a plane.

The judge presiding over the case ruled that the photo breached the 89-year-old’s image rights, but, instead of awarding him the requested €50,000 (£39,000) in damages, he received merely one euro.

Mr Le Pen blamed the selfie - which has amassed almost 8,000 likes and 12,000 retweets on Twitter - for FN’s abysmal performance in the regional elections the day after the photo was put up, in which the party currently led by his daughter failed to win a single seat.

The court agreed that the photo was an invasion of privacy, but said it was neither "degrading nor malicious", resulting in the single-digit fine. Mr Zaibat has also been ordered to pay Mr Le Pen €3,000 to cover legal fees, according to AFP.

Madonna, who previously dated Mr Zaibat has reportedly threatened to take legal action against the Le Pen family.

The singer has a history with the party and in her 2012 world tour, used a picture of Marine Le Pen, the current party leader, with a swastika on her forehead as her backdrop.

The Paris court gave Mr Zaibat 48 hours to remove the image or risk a fine of €1,000, and ordered him to pay €3000 in legal fees.

According to Mr Zaibat’s lawyer, he will appeal the decision.

The offending picture remained on his Twitter at time of publication, and it seems the price of a selfie with Mr Le Pen is affordable indeed.

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