This 101-year-old dressed up in rainbow colours to vote

On Friday Ireland went to the polls to vote on whether or not to legalise gay marriage.

The hashtag #hometovote, where citizens detailed their travels back to have their say in the referendum, has already gone viral - but one of most heartwarming images of the day came from someone who didn't have to travel far.

My super 101 year old granny sporting the rainbow colours to vote!! 󾀍󾀍󾀍❤️󾬖󾬕󾬓 #VoteYes

Posted by Ca O'Donoghue on Friday, May 22, 2015

This image shows Kitty Cotter, 101, of Bandon dressed in rainbow colours to go out and vote. The retired teacher made headlines last month when her granddaughter Ca O'Donoghue posted a video to Facebook where Kitty explained why she was voting yes.

"I am 101 years old. I believe in the equal rights for all our citizens. Therefore I will be voting yes in the coming referendum."

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