A homeless man offered up all his food and money in this 'social experiment'

A YouTuber has posted a video which appears to show a homeless man giving away his own food.

Johal Singh, who has 364,407 subscribers specialises in creating "social experiments" walks up to the man, who is presumed to be homeless, and asks him for some food, claiming that he is in need.

The man accepts and offers him a sandwich despite saying he hasn't eaten since yesterday, after which Johal asks him about his situation.

The man says that he has been saving for a new commercial vehicle drivers' license, which costs around $650.

To top it all off, Singh then appears to withdraw $700 to give the man, returning ten minutes later.

He then tells him to go and buy his lorry license, at which the man is overcome by emotion.

Watch the full video, below:

We, of course, cannot independently verify whether the exchange is genuine, however, Singh told i100:

This video was filmed on 1 February while I was trying to finish another social experiment I am currently working on. I saw this man sitting on a tree step and placed the camera behind him and approached him. I am from San Francisco, California and I believe this video was filmed in Turlock, California (I am not from the area).

The man does not have a cellphone or any contact information so after filming I wrote down my phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to him. I have not heard from him since.

I do not know who lives in the neighbourhood as I am not from the area this was filmed.

Singh then sent us a screengrab of a $1,100 cash withdrawal from his bank account, $700 of which he said he gave to the man.

Picture: Johal Singh

Johal told i100 that he makes roughly a dollar for every 1,000 views, and that "all of the money my videos make goes right back into making these videos and working on even bigger projects to make the channel and the message larger".

i100 has contacted the Turlock Department for Motor Vehicles to see if they know anything about the man

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