Here's what happens when you tell Starbucks that your name is Beyonce

We’ve all been there: after clearly spelling out your name, A-N-N-A and waiting patiently for your Starbucks hazelnut latte, you take the cup only to have ‘Robert’ written on it.

Getting names wrong seems either to be an uneasy habit or an entertaining pastime for baristas, but what if you went and told them your name was Beyoncé?

Vine user JEWISHJEN did just that, and this is what happened:

"I told the girl at Starbucks my name is Beyoncé just, like, to be funny and this is what she gave me."

The unfortunate vine has been watched over 1 million times, and inspired twitter commentary.

This user pointed out the obvious:

Jen has been involved with sketch comedy for a while, she told indy100:

I went on a quick trip to the Starbucks kiosk in the mall for the sake of my own sanity (just your average 3pm "don't kill anyone" coffee).

I was the only one in line so I thought it was unnecessary that the barista asked for my name (even though I understand that's the process), so I just said Beyoncé for fun.

I'm not sure if my tone gave it away or if maybe the barista could have recognised I had been there before, but she just decided to one-up my bitchy-sarcasm with a catty response. I actually thought it was hilarious."

Apparently there are almost 2,000 registered girls with the name Beyoncé in the US.

indy100 reached out to Starbucks, a representative declined to comment on this issue.

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