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A man who rescued a gosling two years ago has made a friend for life. A ten-pound Canada goose named Kyle.

Mike Jivanjee was rowing on Lake Oswego, just outside Portland, Oregon, when he came across a tiny abandoned gosling in the water.

“One of my friends noticed her drowning in the water, like almost desperate, alone,” said Mike to CBS News. “At any minute she would have been run over by a boat.”

Mike and his friends returned the gosling to her mother and siblings, but the runt was cruelly rejected.

So Mike decided to take the baby goose in and keep her alive long enough for her to fend for herself.

But anybody who's ever seen Fly Away Home could've seen this coming...

The thing is, infant geese and ducks can imprint on the first creature they see, and form a lasting attachment.

And Kyle was no exception.

“I’ve tried to get rid of her, you know," said Mike.

"I’ve driven her miles away and then left her in the middle of nowhere and when I come back she’s already home before me, so there’s not a lot we can do."

Reluctant goose mother though Mike might be, him and Kyle are now inseparable.

“She is my best friend,” Mike told Inside Edition.

She follows him around town, even into coffee shops, and accompanies him out onto the lake, flying alongside his boat.

She even has a jealous streak.

"When girls come around and she senses they're a threat, she lets them know," Mike said.

"She's smart enough to know actually who the threats are and who they aren't."

Ladies, beware. Geese mate for life.

And Kyle's not just any chick - she's a social media star.

“Everybody knows Kyle. I'm a nobody,” said Mike to Oregon Live.

The Canada goose has nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram, including Ronda Rousey.

My parents had too many kids and with my bad foot they had no choice but to abandon me. I was rescued and taught the pirate life.

- Kyle's Instagram bio

Follow the adventures of this odd couple: @kylethegoose.

Go on, have a gander.

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