This map shows what every country in the world is best at doing

This map shows what every country in the world is best at doing

Every country in the world is good at something.

Brazil is renowned for its footballers and Germany for its beer. But what about places like Suriname and Papua New Guinea?

The people over at Information is Beautiful have collected material from a number of databases, including the CIA, World Bank, Reuters and Forbes to answer just that.

Then the researchers divided the information into 9 categories:

Commodity, psychology, ecology, gastronomy, economy, nicety, humanity, technology and nasty.

Here is a map of their results:

If you cannot view the image, click here, or see the bottom of this page.

Interestingly, the UK produces the most billionaires and the US has the most spam emails...

China has the most jailed journalists, Turkey has the most Twitter censorship and Pakistan has the most gay pornography.

Rwanda tops the list for most women in parliament, Zambia for most female entrepreuners, and Tanzania for female workers.

Information is Beautiful's David McCandless - a London-based author, writer and designer - has since published this and other maps and charts he has designed, in a book.

According to the researchers, some countries have been left out because they either could not fit it in, or there was not enough data on it.

Update 14/01/17 1000 GMT

Since publication of the above infographic, two changes have been observed by the creators

The first: is that South Africa has changed from 'Death' to number 1 for 'Platinum' - This was due to new data being released after the publication of the infographic

The second: is that Canada has been upgraded to ‘personal freedom’ from ‘Facebook addiction’ - This was due to a better source being found.

The infographic in this article has been updated accordingly.

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