Police joking about rape will make you despair for humanity

Police joking about rape will make you despair for humanity

A recording of two police officers joking about rape has been released online.

The two officers from Texas were recorded by their dashboard camera talking about a car crash, before blowing a whistle at a female civilian walking past.

One of the officers can then be heard laughing while saying:

Go ahead and call the cops. They can’t unrape you.

The footage, which was recorded on May 24, has been verified by the Austin Police Department. The department has now launched an internal investigation into the matter.

The police released a statement about the incident, saying:

"The Austin Police Department has validated the video/audio publicly released pursuant to the Texas Open Records Act. The officers in the video/audio have been identified as Austin Police officers. Upon learning of the video's contents, the Department immediately launched an internal investigation.

"The investigation will include a comprehensive audit of the involved officers' contacts with victims of sexual assault to ensure the actions taken during the contacts meet the expectations of the Department, the public and most importantly, the victims. Upon conclusion of the investigation, the Department will take appropriate corrective action."

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